AI Transformation Roadmap & Strategy

AI Transformation Roadmap & Strategy

AI Transformation Roadmap & Strategy

Why AI Transformation is a necessity?

AI Transformation and adopting Future Management Tools has become an inevitable and urgent necessity in line with the accelerated global transformation.

The current global trend is to invest in AI Transformation as one of the most critical drivers of how companies will continue to deliver value to their customers in a highly competitive and an ever-changing business environment.

We’ve reached a crossroad , and the chance is unique now to make the right , timely , planned , and careful decisions that will keep us in the race of supporting our economies.

Challenges & solutions


Most of the organizations are facing challenges in their AI Transformation due to the lack of a clear roadmap to this transformation, in addition, many of them are trying to invest in Artificial Intelligence technologies and Future Management Tools without a clear ROI, which leads to resource waste.

Leading Practice Solutions

AIMA is one of IAIDL ( services and the only AI-based assessment compatible with EFQM model, founded to assess all role players affecting the overall implementation of AI and future management tools in an organisation through diagnostic analysis. AIMA takes into consideration pillars & enabler as well as the strategic plan, services and tools in order to provide a tailored recommendations to help organisations in aligning their strategy with best practices while providing advises on corrective actions that enablers need to undertake, Thus making AIMA the ultimate tool to help set priorities and draw a crystal clear road map for embedding AI & Future Management tools into organization culture and services to achieve the following results:

Why AIMA tool?

  • AIMAtool is one of IAIDL services.
  • AI/ML-Powered “brain” learning globally from the collective Intelligent-Transformation experiences of a consortium of organizations and global bodies in different sectors.
  • Leading practice , following a globally accredited approach and leveraging the organizational awareness to design , develop , and adopt a sustainable and efficient roadmap for Intelligent Transformation.