IT Monitoring & Management tools

IT Monitoring & Management tools

IT Monitoring & Management tools

With networks becoming even more complex over time, having a robust network monitoring solution in place is crucial. EBM offers comprehensive network monitoring capabilities that help you monitor network performance, detect network faults in real time, troubleshoot errors, and prevent downtime. Being a powerful network monitor, it supports multi-vendor IT environments and can scale to fit your network, regardless of its size. Monitor your devices and network to gain complete visibility and control over your entire network infrastructure.

Real-time network monitoring

Periodical health checks and performance audits are essential, but during technical hiccups it becomes very necessary to analyze real-time data. For e.g. If a switch port reports high bandwidth utilization, the network engineer will need to check the live/latest utilization statistics of that particular port to know whether the problem still exists.

Most network administrators inconveniently run commands via Command Line Interface to their network devices or else Remote Desktop to their servers to check for current performance. OpManager with its newly introduced real-time monitoring functionality enables one to instantly report on device performance in real-time without having to use another tool to remotely access the problem device. During network performance degradations, just launch the real-time graphs and get up-to-the-second information about the device performance and its health, remotely.

Server Performance Management

Trusted, best-in-class server & application performance management for enterprises of all sizes

With many of today's applications and services moving to a datacenter, virtualization and server consolidation are creating new management challenges. OpManager provides IT administrators a single management console for in-depth visibility and control of both physical and virtual servers.

Network Fault Monitoring

Know "What the issue is?" before you actually dispatch your technicians

Network fault management is a big challenge when you have a small team. The task becomes more complicated if you have to manage a remote site and have to dispatch a technician to the site only to find out the problem is something you could have fixed remotely or you could find that you don't have the right equipment and have to go back and get it that hurts your service restoration time.

In most cases, the time taken to identify the root cause of a problem is actually longer than the time taken to fix it. Having a proactive network fault monitoring tool helps you quickly identify the root cause of the problem and fix it before end-users notice it.