Virtualization Management

Virtualization Management

Virtualization Management

Increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your IT operations with our virtualization solutions.

Build a responsive datacenter by creating a virtualized infrastructure with the performance and reliability . Deliver high availability, allocate resources dynamically, and automate management of applications and hardware with VMware virtualization. All over the world 150,000 customers depend on VMware for their virtualization infrastructure platform.

Cost Savings

Realize tangible CapEx and OpEx cost savings with VMware virtualization.

Green IT and Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy costs by using less hardware without affecting service levels or reliability. Dynamically and intelligently power down unneeded servers without affecting end users.

Cloud Computing

Get on-demand capacity for your applications with VMware vCloud and meet SLAs automatically . Expand your on-premise infrastructure into an on-premise cloud or outsource to one of our partners and manage on-premise and remote clouds from a single interface.

Virtualize Business-Critical Software & Applications

Gain the benefits of virtualizing business-critical applications & services in your IT infrastructure, including Exchange, SQL, SAP, and Oracle with breakthrough performance and outstanding reliability.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Keep your datacenter “always on” and deliver cost-effective high availability all the time. Eliminate planned downtime for maintenance through business continuity and deal with unplanned downtime with a reliable, cost-effective disaster recovery solution.

Server Consolidation

Increase server utilization to reduce your hardware requirements and your operating costs, including energy costs. Eliminate server sprawl and platform dependencies.

Virtualization Management

VMware virtualization transforms the management of your IT infrastructure.

Remote and Branch Offices

Provide a mix of distributed and centralized virtual machines for remote users and branch offices for improved manageability and control. Simplify your management and accelerate your provisioning while reducing your hardware and operating costs.